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Riviera Run





via La Route Des Sirènes


Take a trip on the wild side

Let us take you onto the road of beauties...Beautiful cars...and gorgeous sirènes!

Rally through 7 European Countries with the Most Beautiful and Wild Women in the World!

Czech Republic



Limited availability.

La Route Des Sirènes

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Our team from USA to Monaco manages the events fully from promotions, registration, route designs, hotel bookings, local and regional organization, luggage transport, and airline travel, parties, and more!


Event Overview



Uncage your toys and bring your bad boy supercars for the most thrilling and glamorous event of the French Riviera! Just in time for the Monaco Grand Prix, we are rallying across europe in an unforgettable journey. Experience Europe’s most beautiful roads and views! You will be driving through the mountains to the seashore, visiting the world famous landmarks, venues and the hottest party spots along the way! This ultimate rally event is for gentleman drivers with a pristine taste for fast cars, track days with expert pilot instructors, luxurious dinners, glamorous parties, beautiful people, culture, sightseeing, live entertainment from celebrity artists, and building a memorable fraternity network that will outlive the ages.

The starting grid will begin in Casablanca and will travel 2500M along Europe stopping to visit, party and lavish in the culture at a world destinations such as Morocco, Spain, France, Switzerland Austria, Italy and finally arrive in Monte Carlo, Monaco in time for the Formula 1 Grand Prix! Along the way we have a famous track day destination with expert pilot instructors to sharpen your skills, compete and test your limits. As you can imagine rallying with some 100 Supercars across Europe can call for significant attention with the press, media and fans. This brings a unique opportunity for our gentleman drivers to build their fan base and market themselves to the onlookers of the world, including generating the latest buzz on vast social media networks and scoring hot TV coverage.

Event Details

This shall include all elements of the entry fee;


  • Luxury hotel accommodations for length of the event (based on twin rooms)

  • Complimentary cocktails upon arrival at each hotel

  • Secure overnight parking  

  • Cultured gastronomic inspired meals (including alcoholic drinks limited)

  • Track fees for the exclusive Arnoux-Prost Racing International track day

  • Entrance to Cannonball Girls Fantasy Car Wash

  • VIP entrance to parties and live celebrity entertainment

  • Expert Pilot instruction at track day

  • Official Cannonball Run World Events car decals

  • Final Night Gala and Awards Ceremony at a prestigious Monaco venue

  • Services of the Cannonball Run World Event Managers, Checkpoint Crews, Luggage Vehicles

  • $500,000 tour operator insurance and $4,000,000 public liability insurance

  • VIP gift bag at the beginning of race to include official merchandise


Not included: fuel, tolls, travel expenses, car transportation, travel insurance, mechanical breakdown coverage

and other incidental expenses.

We provide services for car transportation and possible charter flight depending on applicant demand, if you are interested in these services inquire about it within your entry form so we can further assist you.

Uniting car enthusiasts and racing fanatics from around the world in the largest moving car event in Monaco, along the French Riviera and across Europe.


In May, 2021, four hundred cars will start from originating sites - on a 3500 km, cross-country european adventure. Each route will cover approximately the same distance from start to finish. The object of the competition is to obtain an average speed of 100km/h over the entire 3500 km route, stopping overnight in various cities for the notoriously famous evening parties.


All 400 drivers and their co-pilots will ultimately join together for a pre-finale celebration and travel together on the final journey to Monaco. You will have to navigate your way through a series of checkpoints that will be revealed by hints and complete a track day to get to the final destination. Your route to the next checkpoint is a closely guarded secret and hints will only be revealed at the beginning of each leg. There will be a virtual cockpit that will allow pilot and copilot to interact with the internet and build their fan base for additional scoring including popularity votes. It will also enable the fans to help assist the pilots in cracking hints and hence enhance their overall score.


The event will conclude with one winning team and a massive celebration in Monaco for you and your guests (tickets will be available for sale so the you can invite as many people as you wish).


A target time has been set for each stage of the event (achievable without breaking the speed limits), and the winner of the event will be the drivers of the car that gets the highest overall score. Scoring is a function of elements listed by importance; the closest overall average speed score, checkpoint score, the virtual cockpit popularity score and track day event score. The victorious team will be announced at the Final Night Gala Dinner in Monaco and will take the World Title, the trophy, and free entry in to the next event to defend their crown.


The winner of the 2021 Cannonball Run World Events Riviera Edition, in addition to claiming the coveted world title, will also win a HUGE CASH PRIZE!!! *prize money subjected to number of entries


We have negotiated car transportation and flights at special Cannonball Run World Events Rates to get you and your car to your choice of starting city and home again after the event has finished in Monaco. *Airfare and car transportation at additional cost, subject to availability


With a combination of air and ground production teams, upwards of 40 film crews will capture the entire event to produce a full-length feature film, which will also be available on DVD, to make your experience a memory to be revered for a lifetime.


The event is open to all licensed drivers for an entry fee (price upon request) for 1 car and two people​


It is important to note that we are only excepting 400 entries, space is limited. We would encourage you to get signed up as soon as possible so as not to miss this awesome event.

You can also email us at  


If you would like to take part in this event, please contact us. We are available to assist you from here to the end of the race with anything you may need.


May 16-23, 2018



The Road Des Sirenes

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