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introducing our proud partner


Cars & Coffee is a non-profit association of Economic Empowerment and strong community outreach programs. We have adapted a dynamic & innovative approach to support & promote local and global commendable charity organizations, businesses & communities. It is now a more crucial time than ever to get this economy back in the drivers seat! Connect with us and ask how you can make an impact by becoming apart of our team today! #stimulatetheeconomy

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Be apart of the action and join us in our upcoming event in Lyon France!


Proudly providing support, promotion and driving business to vast local and global communities. We provide and promote high end network gatherings to bring new partnerships to life along with highlighting commendable charity organizations to aid businesses and communities negatively impacted by corona virus. Positive economic growth and High Yield Investment Returns for our Sponsors & Partners is what gives us the drive to revamp this post corona virus economy as a team! We are currently accepting inquiries for Memberships with individuals, as well as Cooperate Sponsorship & Partnership Collaboration. Connect with us if you're interested in joining or teaming up with Cars & Coffee Association!

Cannonball Run World Events is a Proud Partner of Cars & Coffee

Cars & Coffee is submitted with as a Not for Profit Community Association operating out of the Rhone Alpes region in Lyon, France 69002

Cars & Coffee adheres to the Règlement intérieur de l’association

Cars & Coffee does not profit from sales, ticketing, sponsorship or other related activities.

Interested in Volunteering, Membership, Sponsorship or Partnership with us?

Connect with one of our trusted team members 

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