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Cars & Coffee Lyon France 

Introducing the Most Thrilling Buzz Event of 2020!!

Get Inspired at Cars & Coffee!

One of mankind’s bravest creations.

The protagonist of a society relentlessly experiencing innovation. A means of unification contributing to a globalized civilization. Automobiles are, also and above all, a vehicle of passion.

In Motorsports it embodies the challenge to personal limits. It can turn millions of people into crowds of cheering fans. Strong emotions are unleashed when admiring speed, design and cutting edge technology.

Automobiles are the smiles of children when they get a toy car and push it on the floor, imagining themselves adults one day. Some collect them, some admire them, some dream of them: this is the Cars & Coffee community, where automobile is lived as a way of sharing

Cars & Coffee is the global phenomenon where the passion of supercar owners and enthusiasts become reality. It is a world class, multi brand and multi period display to share the emotions conveyed by the roar of powerful engines and by the sight of so many stunning cars.


Our goal is to bring the supercar dream all over the world!

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Learn more about coronavirus safety information and recommendations

|City of Lyon|

Cannonball Run World Events is the proud hosting organizer of Cars & Coffee Lyon France. This event is to allow participants and sponsors to showcase their love and passion for cars and all things automotive! Located in the Hyper Center Heart of the Capital of Gastronomy. As an attendee you invited to join us to showcase your supercars and sports automobiles all while sharing some coffee and highlighting the gastronomic traditions that make Lyon a tourism hotspot all over the globe! A commendable charity foundation will be highlighted as well as exciting proposals of our proud sponsors. Participants who register early will also be eligible to participate in the circuit portion of the event and the evening banquet. Join us for a head turning, full media coverage experience in Lyon City Center and support the car enthusiast community across the globe!



The Cars & Coffee Lyon France event is subject to the current local and federal corona virus restrictions and mandates. We are currently organizing the event under restrictions of no more than 1000 people gathered in one space at a time. This is an open air & socially distanced event, nevertheless, participants and spectators will have ample access and be encouraged to use necessary sanitation equipment. Sanitation stations will be set up at entrance, exit, VIP Gentlemen and Ladies Drivers Pit as well as the entrances of various coffee distribution tents. Masks will be obligatory to be worn properly for the entire duration of the event for all persons at all times. Safety First!

Bringing Cars & Coffee to Lyon, France!

Lyon, the capital of gastronomy, is a bustling city in the Heart of France with an enormous community of car enthusiasts and a tourism hotspot for travelers around the globe. During the event, car enthusiasts will be able to gather together to share, network and promote automobile companies and communities locally and beyond. Each participant is invited to bring a showcase vehicle during the event and to share coffee while being presented exciting upcoming events in and around Lyon, France. VIP attendees will be invited to partake in the Gentleman and Ladies Drivers Pit which will be deliciously catered with gastronomic experiences that entice the senses and illuminate the artistic and traditional heart of Lyon. Great connections, friends and lifelong memories are made from these events. Cars & Coffee Lyon France promotes the enthusiasm and dynamics of the automobile industry like no other!


20-12-2020 | 9:00-13:00 | Place Lyon 69002

The main event is set for December 20th 2020 @ 9:00-13:00. This date was specifically chosen for Lyon for enticing reasons, the week prior is the biggest festival of the year the annual Festival of Lights, and the week after is of course Christmas. The tourism rates in Lyon skyrocket during this time and with heightened local travel and holiday planning higher than ever, this year in particular is expected to be a major turn out for this touristic energetic city. If you would like more information on attending the Festival of Lights prior to the event and want us to make the arrangements for your stay, get in touch with us! We are delighted to assist you!

The exact location is in the Hyper center city square called La Place Bellecour

The official address is Place Lyon 69002

The Place is very unique and is a tourism hotspot all on its own, as Lyon has 3-5 million tourists per year on average. The Place also is large enough to accommodate up to 50 of the hottest head turning, jaw dropping, absolutely stunning cars! The event will also provide coffee spots, networking areas, a catered VIP Gentleman and Ladies Driver Pit all with a rocking main stage of entertainment and high energy spectacles. Showcase your car and show us what you got!

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OUR TOP PRIORITY IS SAFETY, we are taking all necessary actions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present and to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Major events such as Cars & Coffee Lyon France have permission to host up to 1000 people socially distanced with all necessary sanitation precautions such as obligatory wearing of masks and use of plentiful sanitation stations with antibacterial hand gel. We intend to uphold the health and safety requirements provided by the government of France and the City of Lyon, and to an even higher standard to ensure the safety of all persons attendance and event staff and security. We will not exceed 950 persons during this event to stay well below the maximum allowance.  In the event of mandatory lockdown, tighter restrictions to events of this size being no longer permitted, or a likewise obligatory cancellation, we have a detailed dynamic action plan that aims to satisfy all parties and participants involved. Albeit our advisors have informed us that cancellation for covid concerns at this specific time and date are not likely and currently unexpected. We will continue with a close following to the projections of the health and science community experts. 

Private and Public security presence Private Security Detail Event Staff will be provided as well as the local French police will have a larger public appearance in and around the area specifically for the event to ensure a smooth and safe experience for everyone. For more information on safety concerns or our Event Insurance Plan Information and Event Cancellation and Refund Policy, please refer to our Event Proposal or contact us

Rest Assured! We are hard at it and working with and in close communication to all the necessary local authorities to ensure that this event is a safe and enjoyable unforgettable experience with great memories and connections in the making!

 Please be advised as true for all live events modifications and changes may occur and our information will be promptly updated to our Event Proposal and Detailed Event Information Statement.


This event is viable for the car enthusiast community at this time in history as well to keep recreational buyers motivated by passion and emotions generated at these gatherings.

 Charity highlighting and donations is also going to play a large role in this event to promote giving back and to create balance and goodwill for our luxury lifestyle event.

For this event in particular we are expecting a huge media turn out with local and international news and auto/motor sport news channels and big-name social media influencers, YouTube.

Our team is dedicated on working tirelessly to make this event a success, and a continuing success, for our sponsor partners, the car enthusiast and motorsport community, the luxury lifestyle community, HNWI, UHNWI, auto sport influencers, the highlighted charity foundation/association, and the press and various sponsored social media platforms.


VIP Gentleman & Ladies Drivers Circuit


Register as a VIP Gentleman and Ladies Driver and you'll be invited to more of the action to join us at the Circuit, this has got Cars & Coffee reeved up to a level never seen before! Unleash the power of your supercar in a safe closed circuit environment, maintain control while the adrenaline driven emotions soar, meet and greet with a pilot professional all while networking with the other High Class Individuals of the car enthusiast community that would otherwise be unreachable. Our valued members will also be eligible to win the Ultimate Grand Prize at the winners block of victory! After the celebration, indulge with us in an aspiring culinary artistic presentation Evening Dinner Banquet that showcases the elegance, class in a cuisine that highlights Lyon the World Capital of Gastronomy! Experience the finest selections and creations of a world renowned celebrity chef of Lyon topped off with a warm cheering toast of Champagne dedicated to our Proud Sponsors and Partners! 


The Gentleman and Ladies Driver portion of the event is intended for pure enjoyment only a race is not promoted during this event. No prizes for speed or skill will be acknowledged at this event. Safety is our top priority. All VIP accomodations are paid entry only to cover costs of the packaged actvities. Cars & Coffee is a nonprofit association.


It is now more crucial than ever to revamp and revv up the community of car enthusiasts and all things auto. We pride ourselves in giving back and making an impact by supporting the Motorsport and automobile industry as well as local businesses and surrounding communities and most importantly our commendable charity organizations and partners during our events. Let's stay safe and healthy while we revive the economy together!


Our team @ Cars & Coffee would like to thank everyone that is apart of this event and supporting our cause. Economic Impact from the coronavirus pandemic has affected each and every one of us on all ends of the globe. Economic Empowerment organizations like this one is extremely viable in the role of growth and improvement in our societies. It is so important that each and every one of us who can, helps out those that have felt the biggest impacts. Your support, participation, contributions & partnerships are greatly appreciated.

Full Event Proposal Details available on Cannonball Run World Events Linkedin page under Upcoming Event: Cars & Coffee Lyon France


For further information, Sponsorships, Volunteering Opportunities or Registration information contact us

Registration has begin and tickets are sold through eventbrite and processed by Paypal for specific information and legal refer to our Event Detailed Information.


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